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Groundcover - The Choice is Yours

What is ground cover and why should you care?

One common problem in the neighborhood is that St Augustine grass cannot grow in the shade. Now that many of our trees are more than 30 years old, there are many yards that cannot sustain the grass.

However, you must have some kind of ground cover (see here for a definition and many examples of ground cover

The Wikipedia article referred to above gives names of many good plants you can use to keep your precious topsoil in your yard instead of draining away to the street.

If you don't want live plants to be your groundcover, consider rocks.

If you plant, you don't need an Architectural Control Form , but if you want rock, please download an ACF form ( ) and show us a sample (photo or physical sample), showing the average size and color of the rock. These can be anything from river rock to lava rock. We suggest fairly heavy rock so they don’t wash away.

Here’s a partial listing of plants that you may want to check with your favorite nursery for availability In addition to these, we have found Asian Jasmine to be very useful. We suggest you drive around and look at the many ground covers, and you'll get a good idea of what you like, and what you know works well in our neighborhood.

Five general types of plants are commonly used as groundcovers:

Of these types, some of the most common groundcovers include (click to select):

If you have questions or comments, please email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


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